Purple Beauty Day


Hey Sweethearts!!
I was wondering if i should have a theme where i can show you my products and opinions about them... so i thought why not having a day for each colour  ?
As you can read from the tittle today the Queen is PURPLE !!

Starting with the eyeshadows... i know.. i'm a bit crazy for purple but it's one of my favourite colours to wear and i think it suits brown eyes really well..
I Love these eyeshadows, some more than others but in general i use them all :D

(Swatches with Essence I Heart Stage eyeshadow base)

From the left to right i will tell you the name or the palette it belongs to:
1 - Essence Smokey Eyes Set - 03 Purple Maniac 
2 - Kiko Infinity eyeshadow Mat Wisteria - 252
3 - Kiko eyeshadow 158
4 - Wet n Wild Petal Pusher 736 palette (3rd eyeshadow from the left side)
5 - Essence Colour & shine eyeshadow - 03 Wear it!
6 - Gosh Trio  Pink Sunset 
7 - Catrice Absolute Eye Colour - 280 Heidi Plum
8 - Oriflame Very Me Duo - Iced Purple  
9 - MUA Glamour Nights Palette

One thing i love is a pop of colour in my water line and bottom lashes! so here's some eye pencils i use ;)
Let me tell you a secret .. since the moment i found the Kiko smart eye pencil i don't use the others anymore... but someday i'll find a way to use them!

Moving onto the eyeliners and mascara
Left to right:
Kiko definition waterproof eyeliner 06
Kiko Smart Eye pencil 806
Kiko Glamorous eye pencil 404
Essence Long Lasting eye pencil 16 Coolest Chic
Avon Kajal Stick Purple
Kiko Super Colour Mascara 01

Swatches from top to bottom :
(the same sequence above )

Finally the nails  :D

I only have 4 shades of purple (surprisingly) 
I did the swatches on tape 'cause it shows the same as if it was in real nails:
(sorry for the bad quality but it shows the colours really well)
From left to the right:
Cliché Purpura
Kiko Mirror Nail Lacquer - 622
Kiko Nail Lacquer - 338
Essence Colour & Go 87 Passion for Fashion

As you can see i love purple mostly for the eyes but in general i'm a Purpulish girl (if this makes any sense)

Tell me what do you think about the theme!!
What colours do you want me to share with you?
Which thing you prefer in Purple? 

Leave me a comment below telling your favourite purple beauty/fashion things ;)  

Thanks for reading ;) 
Have a nice week,


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