Passion #1


Hey lovely people,
Today my post is going to be about one of my passions, to draw. 
i went to arts in Secondary School and i'm about to do Bakery this year and the next ones...
While i was at arts i lost some of my passion for it, however i learned so many things that wouldn't trade for anything in the world.. it was a good experience and it teached me about the art supplies how they work what they are for.. those things i wouldn't learn alone (i'm too lazy to search about things, even if i'm completely in love with it)
Since school ended i felt the need to do something again, not particulary drawing but i have the constant need of lefting something to people , my art, my letters , something that makes people remember me...
So i ended up drawing again.. 
this is the result the past week i've been drawing every single day more than once per day ... it all came back again and i have to thanks to  Klaire de Lys 'cause she inspired me so much!!



I know i don't draw like an angel but i love to do it and i'll improve my skills more and more.

Hope you like it ,

Mary Bloomy

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