Confession #1


Hey everybody!!
Today i have a confession to make to you...

I collect bags from stores... i don't know why, i just like them and keep them for myself..
The thing is.. i organize them per store so i know which stores i go often... and it's not a surprise:

for clothing

for accesories

(pharmacy) for make up...

These stores are the ones i have an enormous ammount of bags..

The others i reach most of the times are:




(for the matter i don't go to kiko as much as i wanted to ... 'cause i don't have any store close to me but every time i go there i spend loads of money...)

There are stores that i wished i have near me such like Kiko, Sephora, Primark, H&M ...
But we're not that bad ... Our mall is really great and have some stores that i love such as the ones i talked in the first place ..

Which stores do you prefer to shop on?

Leave comments below ;)

Thanks for reading,


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