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Hey everybody,
Today i have something new to show you: it's a custom eyeshadow system and you can buy cases from 1, 3, 4, 9 and 24
They offer 96 range of colours, a pretty good amount of colours to choose i think :D

 Eyes Clics 04 
Empty eyeshadow Case - 4,90€
Matte black made of plastic.
"The palette has a magnetic closure allowing for easy opening and closing." 
it comes in this packaging - 2g / 0.08 OZ.
and i think its amazing to have a free system , you only buy the colours you want to 

Infinity eyeshadow 200 - 4,90€
Infinity eyeshadow 275 - 4,90€
Infinity eyeshadow 273 - 4,90€
Infinity eyeshadow 252 - 4,90€

Pure White - 200
Mat Light Sky Blue  - 273
Mat Wisteria - 252
Eletric Blue - 275

swatches without primer
i think they're pretty good but in doubt you always can swatch them in stores :)

I'll do some looks using this palette and i'll have a more informative opinion about them. 

The price is affordable for the quality it seems to have, so i think its a good investiment 
you can always wait for the sales season it probably goes down some cents.
I really like the concept and i recomend it ;) 


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