Manchester City - Champions League #1


Hello ;) 
today i have something a little bit different... 
This is one of my passions..
It all started with my Fiancé that's addicted to football.. i guess it's explained...  

I love this team, i can't even express how much i love to watch them play, i never thought in a million years i would like football this much but i do.. and sometimes it brings pain... the losses and the player's injuries... the players that leave ...  
I know them for 3 years now and i never watched football as much as i watch them.. my original team is Futebol Clube do Porto (FCP) from Portugal (where i was born and live) i like them and everything but the team of my Heart is MCFC..

Today began Champions League, if you like football or if you're european you know it's an european competition where the best teams of each country plays and at the end it will be picked the best European Team of the season...
So, we won!!!! We played away and we won 3-0 against Viktoria Plzen..  
Couldn't be more happy!
Manchester City Football Club
I really love this team and i'm here waiting for them to have a wonderful season ! 



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