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Nail polishes, long time no see! Finally I'm not working full time on the bakery and can rock my long colourful nails for the most part of the week! It sounds a bit irrelevant but I've always liked to do my nails and be creative with them, one of the first posts was actually a nail art, which unfortunately I had to stop improving as my pastry course started. For health and safety reasons we can't have long nails let alone with chemicals on top. Since I'm just working part time there from now on I can do my nails on the days off which made me get so excited I bought tons o new polishes.

Lottie London was not a brand I tried in the past and to be honest I just got these because they were duo chrome, and I'm all about that life! I haven't tested them out properly but in a first attempt I noticed they were super liquid and transparent which means I need to use a opaque base underneath or spend a day doing thousands of layers to get payoff. I will try them in the upcoming future and do a post letting you know how they look and how they last.
| purple chrome - voltage |  orange chrome - just dance |

Kiko has always been one of my favourite nail polish brands, they're opaque and stay on for a good amount of time. They're doing sales where the regular polishes are 1£ each and how could I not get one? Or 5... I got a variety as I always tend to go for the more vampy shades (like on lipsticks) but want to be more adventurous and try more pinks and greens! I will be adding these to future nail posts and you will be able to see how they look in action! 
You should definitely go check them out in a Kiko store or online! (Not sponsored it's just an amazing deal)! 
| mint green - 526 | sparkly red - 493 | sparkly purple -255 | dusky pink - 486 | dark turquoise -383 |

Do you have a favourite nail polish? Tell me all about it!

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