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It took me a while to dive into the hype of the Naked family. I decided to start slow and get one of the Basics palettes considering it has all the essential shades and is wedding appropriate, if I ever need it for the purpose. My first Urban Decay eyeshadow experience was with the Gwen Stefani Palette that came out last Christmas and even thou it has a lot of neutrals per si I decided I needed something less bulky and compact. 

Needless to say it is a gorgeous, complete neutral palette. Texture is soft but a bit powdery, pigmentation is spot on and longevity is very high when paired with a primer (haven't tested without as I don't skip the step). Not expecting any less from such brand as Urban Decay.
In this palette you will find creme, soft browns and black eyeshadow which is everything you need if you're starting out or you lack on the matte department. Alone you can create a infinite of looks and paired with a shimmery shade you're able to take it to the next level.
 For 23£ I think you can't go wrong and if you don't have a source of money yet you can always add it to your birthday or christmas list! It sure is an essential for any make-up enthusiast. 
Next I will either try the Naked 1 or 2 according to my preference. If you have any of the Naked palettes give me your suggestion on each one I should definitely get! 

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