21 Years 21 Things Achieved!


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How do I even start... last week I was told I looked like a 17 year old and being honest I didn't like to hear it. It's not a bad thing to be 17 when you're 17, but I felt like if you don't know me just by the looks you judge the things I achieved. And this is a way of proving wrong. Looks not always are what they seem to be.
Anyway, I actually turned 21 yesterday, sounds weird to say it. In Portugal 21 is not a big deal, the 18th is thou, but at this place and time I'm not feeling it like the most important thing ever. It's nice, is my birthday. I just stop to realise how many things I achieved in the past 21 years and that's what makes me feel complete. So here's a little story of my life ( since I was 15).

  1. I went to Art School;
  2. I fell in love with a boy that lived 2000km away;
  3. I drew every day for 3 years;
  4. I dyed my hair blue without asking for permission (do not recommend thou);
  5. I made friends for life in secondary school (hi Machado! I know you're reading this!);
  6. I completed my Art course, fell in love with history of arts!
  7. I made a movie with my friend as part of a school project and was a success (it was actually me trying to kill myself and she saved me, dramatic right);
  8. I dyed my hair purple and green - at this stage my dad just mocked me calling me peacock!
  9. I met my boyfriend for the first time after 3 years of long distance relationship;
  10. I moved to a city 300km away from home;
  11. I hit the publish button in August 2013 giving life to Mary Bloomy!
  12. I lived with one of my best friends for a year and had a blast;
  13. I went to Pastry school;
  14. I met some good people that inspired me and got to live alone for 3 months;
  15. I came back home for two weeks just to say goodbye again;
  16. I moved to London;
  17. I live with my boyfriend for 2 years now (the same guy I fell in love with 6 years ago if you're wondering);
  18. I gave my life to God, and made Him part of everything;
  19. I worked in pastry, had some sh*t jobs and then found a good one (my current job!);
  20. I went to IMATS London with one of my best friends! A dream we both had since we were 16!
  21. I did a make-up course! Finally, I'm starting the career I always wanted.

Now, I'm here, in the same place, with the same good people, I'm going on holidays to Canada and God knows if I will move there soon! It's been a long journey to my eyes, I didn't have much the chance to enjoy life like many at my age do but I wouldn't trade anything I conquered so far. I've done a lot with my life in the past 6 years and these 21 things only refer to those. I lost friends to car accidents, and it's nothing I ever thought would come across me, its though because you stop to think it could've been you or someone even closer to you. Then you realise you gotta do what you gotta do and believe in God's will for you. So this is a way of me telling you, it doesn't matter the number you have on top of your cake as a birthday candle, what matters is the things you lived, and being 21 or 91, you will always have new experiences coming across your path that will lead you to the next stage of your life, and at the end, you're just learning to live a good life and do good to others!

Thank you so much for sticking around! 

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