3rd Anniversary!


Today is the 3rd anniversary of Mary Bloomy!! 
A lot changed in the past 3 years, for the most part in my personal life, if you've been following me for a while you may know I moved to a different country and by this time in 2013 I was just about to start my pastry course. To think that I finished my make-up course last week seems surreal. It's been a ride that not always was documented in this place but will be shared at some point.
I hope you like the new theme! Just in time for celebration! To be honest I needed a change, to inspire me, keep me on track and remember me how passionate I am about blogging. I love sharing my opinion on products and I love to create looks. I came across so many different yet all amazing bloggers that contributed to my life in all aspects that I hope to be one that will at some point contribute to yours! 
I've managed to give myself a few goals to achieve and I hope I don't take it too hard when life happens to get in the way, I want to promote blogging as a hobby, as an enjoyable activity away from all the business that it is at the current moment. Let's take this place as a platform to learn, teach, share and above all be social and kind. 
I hope you enjoy the stay and get to learn something new each day!

Thank you so much for all the support!

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