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Summer is not over yet, at least on the calendar! I've decided it's still time to rock that orange product I have sitting in my drawer forgotten all year around. If we can't have the sun we need to brighten the day ourselves!
It's odd that I actually own an orange lipstick, and eyeshadow and even blush! I'm usually a girl for plums and burgundies but hey, there's always a time you'll want to change a bit. And for the record orange shades look stunning when you have a tan (not my case) but if you rock one you will see how perfect they look together! 
You want a pop of colour here and there, the perfect and most common way to achieve that is by using a blush like the Catrice Defining Duo Blush in 050 Apricot Smoothie, it has two different tones of orange but for the most part it looks peach on the cheeks. It is smooth and easy to blend, that final touch to your make-up. If in the other hand you want a bolder lip, I suggest giving the Kiko Unlimited Stylo Lipstick a try! The shade above is 05 one of the brightest from the collection. I know I've shared this a thousand million times but the formula, I can't stress enough, it is to die for! Creamy, long lasting and semi matte finish! What else can you ask for?! A lip liner to go with it, of course! The Kiko Fine Art Lip Pencil in 02, matches perfectly, but is a limited edition! I'm quite sure you can still find it in stores on the sales section, if you're lucky! If not just give a browse online, they keep the sales going on for longer!
If you're more like me and prefer to be adventurous on the eye department this is the place you can add your orange hues! I love me a bold colourful eyeliner, as you can see here, I've used the NYX Vivid Brights in Vivid Delight eyeliner paired with purple shadows! And speaking of shadows, this Kiko Eye Shadow in 138 will be your best friend to achieve the summer look! You can see it in action paired with the eyeliner on the same look!
I hope you get inspired to rock that vibrant orang-y lipstick you had sitting in your collection for the longest time!!! 

Let me know your favourite orange products! I'm curious to see what else can I bring to achieve the bright summer look! 

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