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We've all been there, that limited edition that caught our attention filled our hearts with love and came home to be used with the most careful hand. Yes I'm talking about that product you and only a few have on their drawers clamming a different spotlight. How many of us wished for some products to not have an end? I always asked myself why limited editions have to be the best ones, coming out with better packaging ideas, product texture and quality as it only has a limited time to be sold. Smart guys behind them is the answer. 
My top 5 products that I wish were made permanent come in an affordable way and carry true love within them.
Catrice | Viennart - Co1 Floral OrnARTment | Blush
I've talked about this blush in a post all dedicated to it so you can imagine how loved it is! It's one of my most used blushes since I got it and I can't find myself reaching another as it gives the perfect peachy cheek I'm looking for.

Kiko | Daring Game - Queen of Hearts - 01 Essential Brown | Eyeshadow palette
My favourite out of the 5, the perfect brown shades to go with such lovely texture, pigmentation and longevity. I can't seem to find one to replace it and sadly it was limited. Let's all ask Kiko to bring them back as the packaging is the most beautiful I've ever seen and the overall collection was a success.

Kiko | Daring Game collection Golden Game - 01 Radiant Honey | Sculpting Bronzer
Cousin of the above one, this palette has the most amazing sculpting shade on it. Comes with 2 brown shades one for contour the other for bronzing as well as a stunning shimmery highlighter that makes any skin pop effortlessly. 

Kiko | Skinny Fit Kajal 01 | Eye pencil
Sadly I can't remember the collection of this one but I can say its one of the best nude eye pencils I've ever tried. Amazing colour pay-off and longevity hopefully we'll be able to find some like this in a future collection. It rocks my world!

Essence | The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 - 02 Alice Had A Vision-Again | Pigment
Last but not least here's a little friend of mine that's been used and abused for the past years since I've got it. Purple pigment with silver shimmers takes any smoky eye to the next level. A staple in my collection.

Which products you wish were made permanent?

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