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Wearing bold eye makeup is fun but has some downs like every and any other thing in life. I could sit here for hours and name all the things I don't like much about bold eye makeup but we'll just stick to some of the obvious ones and as a bonus I share with you some tips! Hopefully I'm not alone in this and you'll identify with some of this things!

Dirty Brushes
The brushes get all dirty with bright blue shades or burgundy colours which is not ideal when you don't have a huge brush collection and don't want to spend the rest of the days, till you wash those, doing the same blue eye look. I often use a tissue to wipe as much colour as I can so the brushes can be used with other shades.

Fall out
It's not that nude shades don't have any fall out but they're not as noticeable as a bright purple or a super shimmery green. Solution 1 is to do face after eye makeup or solution 2 clean it all off and put some concealer over top! 

Blend, blend, blend
The blending work is the most important thing on eyeshadow no matter the colour palette you're using but when its brighter or darker shades it can takes ages to do it properly. Practice makes perfection. But the tools you use may be the key to quicker perfection! Opt for a blending brush that suits your eye shape best and without any colour on it go over your eyeshadows and start blending them out!

Colour combination
If you want to put a bright pink with a bright blue you're free to do it. Makeup has no rules but we always seem to go for one certain range of shades. I personally pick a colour and stick to it but sometimes I'm way more adventurous and use completely different colours together and it works! I often guide myself by the colour wheel to see which colours go perfect together and avoid less flattering combinations.

Face Off
If the rest of the face doesn't match your eye makeup I'm sorry to say it won't make you look prettier. I'm not saying you can't wear bold eye with bold lip I'm just not a fan of bold everything as for bold eye bold lip bold cheeks bold contour... you know what I mean. Unless you're a drag queen, they obviously can pull out anything! I tend to go for neutral lips when the eye makeup has colour or stick to the ol' brown shades on the eyes and a super bold lip!

Give me some Lashes 
Lashes can often be forgotten when something interesting is happening on the lids so don't forget to use a good length and volumizing mascara to make it all look putted together. We don't want to be lacking on the lash department do we? Falsies can be a great way to make those eyes pop even more!

Nude it all
Depending on your eye shape most of the times darker colours give the illusion of smaller eyes so I often go for a nude pencil on the waterline to make them look bigger. It's not nice to look like you've been punched!

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