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Essence is a brand I know for 5 years now which gives me an experience I don't have with other brands. For the past years I've seen the brand grow, become better in quality and range making it all a big difference. As far as I know they've been replacing some of their old products to better ones giving me the hint of curiosity on how the new ones compare to the old ones.

Not that the past eyeshadows weren't good but I felt an inconsistency of quality meaning some of the eyeshadows were extremely good but others a complete fail making me stop buying them. They were needing an improvement.
Recently I was lucky enough to find an Essence counter and decided to take a look over their new range of eyeshadows and was blown away by the pigmentation of which one. Having the biggest of single eyeshadows collection I contained myself and only grabbed this one, a beautiful grey-ish shimmery shade perfect for the lids. It feels softer and blends nicer than the old ones turning it into one of my favourites at the moment. The longevity is good and I haven't noticed any creasing. 
Looks like Essence is doing some good improvements! I'm definitely going to buy more and see how they compare but so far so good!

What do you think of Essence new eyeshadows?

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