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I'm a bit late on this one but since I've been so busy moving out I sure have no time to think about diets and exercise at all! When I finally settle down I'll rely on this post to actually do something for myself.

Mandatory Breakfast 
If there's something I hate is to eat after wake up! I can't stand it and as you all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To combat my skip the breakfast habit I'll start waking earlier so I can actually gain some appetite before leaving house and eat as much as I can. (Healthy food of course). 

Vegetables & Salads
Did I mention I can't stand vegetables? Salads are for the bunnies! I always say that but I have to stop avoiding green and healthy food on my dish. I heard roasted vegetables are amazing so I'll start doing them and try many recipes till I find a way to integrate them in my meals. I actually like soup so that's my way to start! 

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!
Love the saying but never follow it! I won't start eating apples everyday but I shall definitely start adding at least one type of fruit into my meals. Maybe the morning break is the best hour for a delicious orange or strawberry! I love many types so I don't get why I never eat fruit on a regular basis... Too lazy?! Maybe.

Cut The Sugars
Hardest thing ever if you ask. I just love chocolate and cakes and sweets, maybe that's why I'm a baker.. It's hard to not eat at least one square of chocolate a day. The problem is I eat an entire bar! I must stop I know it's not healthy! Any tips for this? Maybe any healthy aliment that can provide the same satisfaction chocolate does?   

Fast Food 1/30
I was never a fast food girl, I hated McDonalds and all sort! Since my 16's I started eating pizza a lot more, hamburgers, french fries and all type of fast food you know! I didn't gain weight but I know it's not doing any good to me. The past year I probably consumed more fast food than anything. My goal is to not eat any at all but if I feel like craving only eat once a month! Who can resists pizza?!!!

Reduce Soda 
I started eating a lot fast food and as consequence the soda came in, Coke was my most consumed but on the other hand I stopped drinking iced tea that's also high in sugars. I was an addict I admit but now I plan on consuming only soda when I go to the fast food (once a month or less) and substitute any other drinks with natural juices and water. Sounds pretty good to me. Hopefully I can make it! 

The eternal "I'll do it later" task that is never done. I don't exercise for about 2 years now which is insane! I've always liked sports when I was at school but suddenly I had no time for it. I have to find an hour a week to start off for a walk or even practice some kind of sport. My main goal is to exercise everyday but let's start slowly! 

Hopefully this resolution post will help me keep straight in my mind and fulfill my goals! 

Do you have any tips for a healthy living? 

Thanks for reading,

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