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Calligraphy, something that I always admired and wished to know more about...  As my friend went to Uni at the same time and city I went to my pastry course (ages ago, I mean 2 years) we stayed at the same place and it obviously was a time of share within both parts. 
Luckily she had this class called Typography which is AMAZING or at least what I see from the outside screams amazing to me. I'm not so sure about her love for that but the only thing I know is I managed to get some tips and tricks from her classes and here I am today, practicing an endless sheet of fonts so I can one day achieve those fancy hand writings.

I'm no longer in Arts class, I'm no longer in classes at all. I'm working now and the free time I have is to spend in many important things in life other than my passion for arts. Which is a bit shameful to say but it is what it is. I then know that whenever I have the time and willing to learn something I love I'll just find a way, screw the tiredness, screw the tv shows, I'm gonna improve my skills. 
Hopefully in some years I'll be doing a second post showing off my outstanding hand writing but for now you get the sloppy and unsure stains of black ink.

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