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Concealer, should be my obsession since I have acne prone skin but I'm not one to try every concealer on the market. Since my favorite Full Cover concealer by Kiko is running out I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and try a new one, or should say a bunch of new ones!
Makeup Revolution is getting bigger in the beauty market and for the many good reviews I came across I ended up picking their concealer palette. 
The product has a creamy consistency but not thick which makes it light to medium coverage. As so it doesn't seem to last very long on my skin and moves around pretty easily. I noticed it doesn't do much for my under eye area and since I have fine lines I feel it gets into them through out the day. Not pretty!
In terms of shades it has various ones for pale to light skins including yellow to neutral tones. The lightest ones can be highlighting shades as well as the darker ones contour shades, it's all up to you! 
Overall for the price it's not a bad product as it allows you to experiment and have a little more of a no makeup makeup look.

Have you tried Makeup Revolution concealers? What do you think?

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