My Experience at Baking School


For what seemed like years after 15 months of an intense course here I am, on the adults world ready for my first job! I'm scared as sh*t but that's something for later.
The bakery world seems promising, good looking, tasty and overall amazing! It is, looking from the outside, but when you're involved in it 24/7 is not as great as it looks. To get to the level you want you need time to test out your capacities, to make your skills grow stronger. I initially had no idea about the majority of the Pastry terms, what it takes to bake a cake other than the usual homemade ones, the right amount of ingredients and the overall process of administrating a bakery. It's not sweet, oh it's not.

It was a good time when I learnt things that actually matter for my future as a baker but unfortunately most of it was not nice, it was useless.. Why do I need to know about a kind of bread that allows me to only build square pieces and takes hours to bake if it's not even good to eat? I much preferred to have 50 hours of decoration training.. but I had none to be honest. If I want to get better I have to do it at home, so why do I paid that much money for a course that encourages me to do things at home instead of in there? Bullsh*t right?! 

I don't want to take this much longer but I left feeling that as much as I learnt there I could have done it at home. My advise is, if you really love pastry and want to take a course search for the best school in your country, get informed about the whole program and balance the positive things with the useless stuff you'll learn. Make your decision. 

Do I regret my course? I don't, but if I knew what I know today I wouldn't have applied. I'm better baker, I gained skills I didn't think I needed and I can bake pretty much anything you ask me, something I wasn't sure before the course. But I was expecting something different, something that now only experience will give me... hopefully. 

What are your feelings towards pastry? Are you passionate about baking or eating cakes?

Thanks for reading,

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