Saying Goodbye


Don't freak out! I'm not gonna die, or at least I don't plan to! I'm not quitting the bloggers world! It's something way different...
By this time I'm landing in London, if everything goes okay... And you're probably asking why! Well, I'm moving. To a different country, a different city, a different life.
I don't know what to expect with all my honesty, but that's something we'll talk about later... For the sake of this post, my goodbye is to my home, my family, my friends, my country...
Portugal is the most amazing country in the World and I'm so sure I'll never love a place like I love mine... But I had to leave, I have to find my own way and I know it's not in there. 
I'm gonna miss Mom and Dad but above all I'm gonna miss to be that girl! I'm fighting for my dreams, my love, my passion but leaving everything behind is not easy... never will be.
To all my dearest friends that I know are reading this post, I'll miss you like no other thing, I'll miss our hang outs and our #1D talks but you know I'll never be apart from you.. I'll never leave you! It's a promise that I plan keeping this life and beyond!
To all my readers, things will change for sure but for better, or so I wish! I'll be busy for the next couple weeks but I leave you scheduled posts! If you live in the UK I honestly hope to be welcomed in your country and well, have the pleasure to meet you someday!

Saying goodbye is hard but not fighting for what I want is even harder... I'll be 2000km away from home but my heart will always stay with my loved ones! Let's the adventure begin! 

Thanks for reading,

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