Secrets To My Blogging Routine In 5 Steps!


The question I ask myself a lot is how do people usually blog?  
So I decided to share my own way of blogging, something that's probably going to change but still is the way I find better for my actual situation!
Ideas come from everywhere! I usually get them while at home or school/work but when I do something different like go to the movies or take a walk I always come up with something to share with you! 
When lacking inspiration I go to my pile of magazines and start reading articles, seeing the images and taking notes! Usually other bloggers give me ideas too but I try my best to not 'copy' them, just take a dot here and there to do it my own way.

Write the post
First thing I do before writing is turn the sound of my TV off! I can't write properly with noise on the background. I personally don't need a picture to write a post so the first step is to put down all my ideas, keywords, schemes that may help construct an article. After what seems like a few hours and with a picture already attached to it I edit the post, I correct some errors and change a few sentences. Everything for the best! My final review is before I schedule it.

My biggest concern is always the photography. I don't have a fancy camera, mine has 12 mp and 5 years of age but I try my hardest to provide great quality pictures with it! 
Natural lighting is the key no matter the camera if you have natural light you can get great photos! Photoshop is my second best friend I usually change the contrast and the lighting a bit but not too much! I try my best to keep the photo as natural as possible.
When it takes to composition I struggle with that a lot but I get inspired by other bloggers and magazines in general. It's a matter of practice and I notice improvements every photo session!

For the past year I can't remember a day I wrote something to go up right after. I always schedule my posts! It gives you a better control of what you have and time to write another posts for the coming days without having to hurry! The most amazing thing is you can schedule to the next week and come back like 2 days before it goes up and review the text and change what you don't like about it. I do that all the time and it gives me a better feeling about my posts.  

Share | Comment | Stay Positive
You've heard this many times but it's crucial to share your posts, get your work out there! I usually use Twitter and Pinterest the most for it, as Bloglovin' of course. Facebook is not my favorite but still works! 
When you read a post write a comment on it, the person behind the blog will feel great for having your opinion. I love to receive comments don't you? It's the exact same way to other bloggers! Be nice to them and give constructive comments, with an opinion. Interact.
Speaking of interaction take part on the Blogger Chats on Twitter! Whenever I have the opportunity I go there and get to know amazing bloggers!

Above all stay positive with your blog, do what you want, write about your passions and share the love!

Tell me everything about your blogging routine!

Thanks for reading,

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