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Brows, the hit of 2014 and for sure on the top this new year! I've been loving filled in eyebrows, mine lack some hairs and can look messy so having something to fix them is a huge help for a better looking!

"Brow powder that has a soft pigmentation designed to subtly fill in the color between the hairs of your eyebrows whilst still looking natural."

In a Freedom System palette of 2 spaces I have my beloved brow powder in 569. With a selection of 13 shades, retailing for 5€ (Portugal) at 3,2g each I picked what the counter girl called "universal" shade. They claim it gives you a natural looking eyebrow and depending on the amount of product you use it gives you exactly what a brow should have - fuller in hairs and neat. 
It has the perfect amount of ashy tone and warmness to it, I can't describe how better it suits my brows and how different I can look just for applying a little bit of powder and giving my hairy friends a definition! I use this like no other thing so it's fair enough to give it a spotlight on the blog! It's a long lasting powder with amazing pigmentation, you can use it as an eyeshadow if you want to! Besides that it is in a compact case practical for on the go! I can't live without it!

Have you tried Inglot brow powders? What do you think? 

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