Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette


Inglot is a well known brand by it's freedom system palette and what a great time to talk you about my own palette and show you the colors I own. 

Blue - 336 (matte)
Brownish - 344 (matte)
Beige -341 (matte)

These bad boys are unbelievably amazing! Love the texture, pigmentation, lasting power, color selection... I can't say enough good things about them! They're affordable for what they are, 6€ for an eyeshadow like this is a pretty awesome deal!
I bought the 10 pan palette and have now these 3 eyeshadows and 1 brow powder (that I'll talk about any time in the future) and it cost me 9,95€. You have palettes from singles, duos, trios and much more, take a look at Inglot website for more details.  

I don't have a base underneath this! It's one swipe and BAM! pigmentation all over! I have to say they're a bit chalky thou since they're matte finish but I don't mind! They blend easily and they stay on for a pretty good time!  
I plan on getting more since I still have some spaces to fill in my palette! I really do love them and have been using them non stop since I got them! If you have the chance give them a try! 

Do you have any product from Inglot?! Tell me which one(s) is(are) your favorite(s)!

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