The Liner Brush Guide


Eyeliner is one of my favorite steps while doing my makeup and as you may know there are different formulas and brushes.
Gel liner was my first liner and still is my favorite and so that I have a few liner brushes that I want to share with you.

Catrice double end eyeliner brush has the classic angled and the fine tip on the other hand. I have 2 of those (1st & 4th brush) and I love them so much I had to have more than one in my collection. 
Claire's is majority known by its accessories but you can pick there some beauty brushes too! My mom gave me a set of 5 a couple years ago I definitely recommend them! The angled brush is really soft and sturdy, it's worth the price.
My most recent acquisitions are the Zoeva brushes from the Complete Eye Set. I have the 317 (Wing Liner) and the 315 (Fine Liner) and for what I can say they're both amazing quality and easy to use!

I usually prefer Fine brushes for thin subtle line and Angled brushes for more thick lines. I'm comfortable using both but if you're a beginner I'd probably advise you the angled one since it's more thick in hair and precise. It was also my first gel liner brush and I found it easy to use. 

Which one is your favorite brush to apply gel eyeliner?!

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