How I Organize: My Closet


It seems like I've been talking about organization a lot lately! But let's be honest, we all need to take some time to organize and since I get so many ideas from other bloggers why not share my own organization ideas!

You can see by the title that we're talking about clothes organization! Yes!
The first thing is of course take everything out of the closet and draws and clean them. The second thing is chose what you want to keep and what you want to give for charity! I do this a couple of times a year and I always find something that I need to let go. 

My closet is embedded in the wall (if it makes any sense to you) and I have 3 divisors in the inner part. You can see the door and notice that those shelves are beyond the door. I hope I can make myself clear. 

In the first shelve (1) I keep seasonal clothes such as winter sweaters or t-shirts that I only wear in some occasions. 
The second one (2) I keep my bottoms, from jeans to skirts and 2 pairs of shorts (the ones I own). I usually organize this by color code but as you can see for now it's almost everything black (oops).        
Last but not least at the bottom (3) I have sheets and blankets, they're easy to pull out and I find there's the best place to keep them.

On the first door I keep dresses, cropped tops, t-shirts or half-sleeve sweaters. This is the way I keep clothes at summer time so it's easier to grab fresh items in the hot days.
On the second door I keep shirts, cardigans and jackets. I organize them from the less cozy to the cozy ones. So the winter jackets I keep in the back and the mid seasonal ones I keep in the first place. I find it easier to grab what I need at this time of the year. 

I change this setup when the season changes so the summer clothes are going to the back and the winter clothes to the front when the time asks for more cozy pieces. 

Share with me your tips on how you organize your closet! :)

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