University?! - My Own Experience


Last Wednesday I shared with you some tips to help you decide whether going or not to University (read here). So here's what happened to me.

To start  off, , I decided not to go to University when I was almost finishing my High School exams, I still did my best and left pretty happy with the results. I first balanced what I liked to do, what I wanted in the future and if University was a path to take. Concluding it was definitely not a thing for me I applied for a Pastry Course where I fortunately got in. 

It takes time to make such decision, do your research, think about it, think about the options. Keep always in mind it's a time for yourself and don't go for other's opinions! 

My point in sharing with you my experience is to make you see that University is not the only path to take, it's not the only thing that'll make you feel fulfilled. You can always apply to University if someday you want to do it but now remember you have a sea of options so take your time to do your research and make your decision.
If you're already in and don't feel great about it you can always quit. 

Don't waste your days in something you don't believe! This applies to everything in life!

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