Review : Essence anti-spot gel & anti-spot cover cream


Hey beauties,
Sorry for not updating my blog regularly i'm having a lot of work to do! hope i find a way to give you all much more time!!
So today i have a review on 2 products from Essence, they're not the same but they have similar purposes.
Let me introduce you the Anti-Spot Gel and Anti-Spot Cover Cream:

(from left to right : Anti-spot gel - 2,49€ Anti-spot cover cream . 2,84€)

  They're both made to help prevent and kill spots the first one i advise you to use it at night before going to sleep. it's a transparent gel and a bit sticky but it helps to treat and  prevent undesired spots. the skin-tone one is made to treat and cover the spots so it's a 2 in 1 product! it's a concealer that treats spots! i love the idea.
Onto the review!! I freaking love both ! i don't always use them , it's like 3/4 times a week so my skin doesn't get used to it. but as far as i can see my skin is way better since i'm using this two! The cover cream is a medium tone so i don't recomend to use it alone if it doesn't suit you perfectly, i usually use underneath my foundation and it works well that way.
I notice that in 3 days the spots i treat have almost gone if not entirely gone.. 
So as you can see i think this really works !! 

Hope you like my review!!
Thanks for reading ;)


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