Double Winged Liner .. or Triple?


Today i have an eye look to show you :D

It is a double winged liner or should i say triple ?! it reminds me of a sandwich liner..*i'maweirdo*
I just love black and blue together so i ended up with this look.. it reminds me of a Gothish new year since it's dramatic and use the black as a King of a Queen blue..
I'm not making sense.. my apologies!

So in this look i used my usual Essence waterproof black eyeliner and my Gosh Blue Eyeliner in colour nº 10!
I personally would use it on new year's ! I love it!

About the eyeliners i have something to say... the gosh one is hard as f*ck to take off.. wipes are not for removing this at all!! it stays there until you hurt your eye.. so please use a biphasic makeup remover i used Sephora one and there's no need to hurt yourself with that!

Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading 


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