Sales Frustration!


Hey beauties!!!

Sales Sales Sales...
Sales frustration!! I invited my friends to go shopping with me but they have stuff to do.. my mom is not a shopping person, my dad is definitely not an option so.. if i want i have to go alone and i don't like it... its like frustrating.. school starts in a week and i won't be able to shop i'll have loads of exams ... now that i have a bit of time no one wants to go with me :(
Sad i know!

So i'm still in hope that my mom comes with me tomorrow .. and if she does i'll make a post telling you the adventure that is shopping on sales !hell yeah!

and no i don't need anything its just some things that i've been wanting for a long time and at sales its even better to get it.. meh...

See you soon, hopefuly!

Thanks for reading ;)


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