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Hey beauties!
Today i went shopping , looking for a jacket.. found great deals on makeup... shame on me...
I haven't bought the jacket .. it didn't felt right on me..
But the make up deals at the store were Essence for 1€ Catrice for 2€ and Gosh for 3€ , all of this at Well's, and it was on the produtcs they have from past collections.. Let me explain this better, some products are discontinued from the brands and to keep selling them Well's have a place where these products are and they make discounts ..
Just for you to know, i have now 14/15 Catrice eyeshadows and i only payed the full price for one that i know it will not be discountinued so easily .. most of the time i paid half of the price or at least less a € from the full price.. I find such great things there as you're going to see..

Here it is! I bought 3 eyeshadows , 1 lip liner and 1 lipsitck:
the lipstick retails for 4.49€
the made to stay eyeshadow retails for 3.99€
the other shadows retails for 3.29€ each
and the lip liner retails for 2.79€

I only paid 2€ for each thing... 

isn't it a great deal?!
I think so !

The picture is not the best and i'm sorry but the camera i usually take pictures with is from my friend and i'm not with her since we're on vacations..
The lipstick is such a huge find for me since i never saw those lipsticks on sale, it's a baby pink and i guess it was discountinued since it was there.. so the name doesn't matter actually..
the eyeshadows are a forest green with gold glitter, a baby blue with silver glitter and the 'made to stay' one is a purple with silver glitter  .. the lip liner as you can see is a berry colour and i love it!

Catrice as a brand never lets me down , all the products i have i love and they worth the price we pay for them but in sales it is always better ;) 

Thanks for reading , 

Wish you all a wonderfull 2014!!!


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