Book update!


Hey sweethearts!
I've been a little busy lately so i decided to do another post on the same day since i have some time now :)

I'm waiting for my bus to come, i'm going home for Christmas! can't wait to make some delicious cakes and cookies and traditional deserts... and yes i'll make an effort to post photos about my Christmas table here!

I'm going to talk about books...
Books Books Books... when i love i f*cking love for real..

As you can tell i'm a bit gothish if this word even exists... i don't actually consider myself a goth but still love their culture and books are one of those things i love from them...

I have a collection of Edgar Allan Poe books, already did a post about them  ;)
I also love fantastic books, such as Patrick Rothfuss ones... i can't even tell you how i love this man! He's such a talented writer!!
Anyway... yesterday i was searching on the internet some books, i can't even remember how i get to this one...

the original title is Traité de Vampirologie – Par le docteur Abraham Van Helsing 

i don't know if there's an english version but i'm sure it exists.. i just can't find it now, later i'll check it..

So i'm extremely excited, i already ordered and they already sent me so probably in a few days it will be at home!! After read it i'll do a review !


This is not the only book i found ... so i discovered this writer called Sarah Pinborough .. i know nothing about her or her books, i read a review on this one:  

So it seems to be a fairy tale but in an adult way... they compare her books to Once Upon a Time serie... i can't wait to start watching it and i can't also wait to buy this book.. or another one from her... it seems to be intersting..
If you already read it please tell me about it.... 

This post can't be longer than this so you will not read it!! 
Hope you liked this little book update and i'll tell you soon about my opinion on the first one !

Hope you liked it!
Thanks for reading ;)

Have a nice day!


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