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Hello Hello,
i know i'm kinda late on  writing a post,  so today i have 2!
1st one is about something i bought this last weeks and something i've never tried and wanted to..
I'm showing you bellow 2 Essence Limited Edition Highlighting Powders:

   (left to right- Beauty Beats (JB collection) Oz the Great and Powerful (Oz collectiom)

This two cost me about 3,99€ each which i find affordable, they're both beautiful  and different at the same time
The Beauty Beats is more shimery and i would use it for a night out or some tutorials i would like to add a bit more of shimmer...
The Oz one is more like a natural glow, it doesn't show much at all, it really seems to be like a normal powder if you'd like to, with the thing you would 'naturaly' glow.. 
The impressive thing is that they both have letters (more like concret words) wrote on them:
As you can see the BB one says SWAG on it i think it's related to JB, don't ask me 'cause i'm not a fan i just loved the thing about this product and bought it

 This one says more than one word, it has sentences : 
'Things are not always as they seem'
' goodness'
'Master of Illusion'
I love every single thing about this powder.. the packaging, the words, the product itself ... i simply adore it and i'm a bit of sad that to use it i have to 'clean' the words..  
Anyway, i've tried them once but once is not enough  to review them as a highlighter.. i'll use them and tell you my opinion in one of my next posts..
I just wanted to share with you my first impression about it.. Hope you like it ^^

Tell me your opinion about highlighters... recomend me some if you'd like to!
I'll apreciate it!

Thanks for reading,


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