Blood of Bats


Hello dear bats!!
Today i have a gothish look to show you, it's nothing special  but i enjoy to wear it ..
yes i already wore this look, if you don't know i'm a goth inclined person it's just i can't wear it anymore on a dayly basis 'cause of school...
Anyway, it's just a black smockey look with a winged liner and red mascara... sounds good enough? keep on looking!  

I'm a confessed lover of Edgar Allan Poe as you may tell if you read my blog since i began to write.. i also love those clichés such as Dracula and Vampires ... woow woow woow...
What a shame to be just like the others.. i still don't think i'm a goth nor just because i don't fit in some ways but also i'm not able to interact with this world.. i'm just me myself and i.. so it's more like a passion than a lifestyle choise... if i had that choice.. you know i would enter this dark wonderland for sure.

I used a old gel liner that's a bit dry as my base and then used a black eyeshadow... smocked it up to the brow bone.. then i did my biggest winged liner ever! (i'm jocking) and added a red gem.. i personally love gems on eyelooks.. it seems so much ellegant.
My red mascara is from Kiko make up Milano in the colour 'Amaranth'... just love it!

The final look always had a dark red lipstick ! 

Hope you like it!!
What kind of looks would you want me to do? tell me bellow!

Thanks for reading ;)


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