Purple Sugar Skull


Hey beautiful bats,
today i have something Halloween related to show you... I've been wanting to do this for a long time and finally did it!! ....

My first ever full face make!!

Sugar Skull

 So, i'm not a pro in this thing it's my first ever ever ever full face of makeup .. it took me 2 hours to do it and it's nothing special, the face makeup is not from a good brand it's those cheap paints you find in a local store... since i enjoyed so much doing it i'm going to try some better face paints next time!
Anyway, i used white face paint and Black eyeliner and purple eyeshadows!

(Close up)

Purple eyeshadows from different brands but the most used is Petal Pusher palette from Wet n Wild...
The purple eyeliner is from Kiko and the black eyeliner is from Primark (since its a waste to use a better one) 
I also used glitter from claire's but its not that visible in the photo, sorry!!

Flower crown i made it myself with roses i bought from a local store
So what do you think about it? 
Tell me your opinion bellow!!
Thanks for reading ;)


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