Egiptian Look


As promised here's the second post of the day :D

It's an egiptian inspired look , i know loads of people does makeup like this but i drawn this by myself in my cooking lessons so i thought it would be cool to turn it real!

 So i used a white base (NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk) and then applied some some nude eyeshadows and a goldish one on the lid.. I did my eyeliner tinner than usual and i used my Colour trend black liquid liner.. i made a wing upper and under the black winged liner with my Catrice Gold eyeliner (i know it doesn't show off much)
In the water line i used my Catrice nude eye pencil and as mascara a Essence one.

  (for the record i'm not using false lashes.. it's my own lashes with i heart extreme crazy volume mascara from Essence)
I liked the way it turned out, i don't know if it's just boring to you but i enjoyed very much creating it!

Hope you like it, anything you want to know ask me bellow!!

Thanks for Reading,

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