Late midnight


Hello bats!!
I have another look to show you today!!

 I just ended up with this after applying dark blue eyeshadow..
On my nose, as you can see, i did some triangular shapes and curved them around my natural nose shape

I used a dark blue eyeshadow with silver glitery eyeshadow on top . used black eyeliner to trace a wing and draw some curved shapes, i don't know what to call them.. you can see it by yourself..
(i know its not perfect but i doubt it would be perfect even if i  tried harder)

On my lips i draw pointy shapes and added gems to the corners..  i hadn't planed this look it just happened and i hope you like it!


(close up of my eyes, yes they're not exactly equal but i'm olay with that)

Hope you like it!
Thanks for reading :D


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