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So I had a project pan for 2017 but it so happens it went downhill and I couldn't keep up with it so I've discarded that completely and decided to start a brand new one with more "doable" products this time!
This is the introduction and it contains 8 different products, my main goal is to use up 18 by the end of the year so wish me luck!

The reasons why I picked products like the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Equilizer Smoothing Primer and the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is due to expiration date. Where's the MUFE one is a couple months past it's used by recommendation date the Mac foundation is about to expire in the summer and since I have just over half left of each I though I could manage both! 
Since I like to always use a somehow hydrating primer on the cheeks I chose the Becca Backlight Priming Filter since it's less than halfway used and I just want to streamline my primer range. 
Lastly, I'm challenging myself with a cream product for the cheeks! I usually forget to apply cream cheek products but I'm doing a good effort with the Benefit What's Up! Making sure I use it everyday underneath my powder highlighter - it sure looks stunning! It was brand new at the beginning of the year and is only a sample size which I hopefully will be able to finish soon! 

On the eye category I have my Chantecaille Faux Cills Mascara that I just opened beginning of the year and will run for 5/6 months depending on how it holds up. 
Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ocre is still strong after 1+ year of constant use! I'm less than halfway through it and hopefully another 3 months and is gone for good! I love it but I can't wait to use something else like the Nars one that's been sitting on my back up drawer for a year now!
Lastly a category that I sure want to show some progress on is eyebrow products! The Inglot Brow Powder has been with me for over 4 years so well overdue its expiration date, however it's almost gone and I really like the colour of it so I sure want to use it until the end! On the other hand, I've got the Inglot Brow Gel Liner which is pretty much like a pomade that I like to pair with the powder for stronger looking and longer lasting brows! 

It shouldn't be hard to go through this products as I use them constantly and above all I love having them in my makeup routine. That's one thing I've learnt from my previous failed project pans - to not set too high of expectations on products if I don't love them. 
I know I won't ever finish up a blush, eyeshadow or even a lipstick in a reasonable amount of time therefore I won't be introducing them to my project. It would only make me frustrated not seeing any product and life's too short to force myself using something just for the sake of it. 

I hope you enjoyed this introduction and fingers crossed this time I can keep up with a decent update schedule and see some major progress on these products!
Let me know your tips and tricks for a successful project pan! 

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