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It is a fact that I'm trying to do more for myself this year and get back to learning more about subjects of my personal interest, one of them being Astronomy... I've always felt fascination for the stars and the moon, the planets and what's out there in our galaxy so why not learn more about it?! 

On a couple trips to Waterstones I've discovered a few books that seemed not only appropriate but easy to understand on the subject! 
The first one I picked was "What We See In The Stars (£12,99)", an illustrated book of constellations and what they mean which is very interesting and helpful at reading the sky. Even thou it is considered a junior book I couldn't resist the illustrations!

"30 Second Astronomy (£14,99)" has got to be one of my favourite books to learn important facts about the planets and universe without complex vocabulary... it has a fun layout, easy to read fonts and high quality imagery which will make you even more interested in skywatching! A must I would say! I will definitely be adding more books from the "30 Second" collection to my bookshelf on diverse subjects as I find them a great and fun way of getting to know different things.

Lastly I decided to pick "The Astronomy Book (£17,99)" since it looked a fun addition to my collection... I haven't started reading it yet as I have a few other books on the go for the month of January but will be introduced on my February reads. 

There's only so much you can read about the subject so I probably won't be adding more of general astronomy to my book collection but certainly more in detail pieces of certain phenomena happening in the universe or in detail studies of the moon, sun or other planets surrounding us. 

If you're into astronomy share your favourite sources for learning and understanding the universe whether it is books, documentaries or webpages all about the subject! 

Let me know what you think of this new series - On The Bookshelf - and if you'd be interested to know more about what I've been reading lately! 

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