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Winter is the season of coziness, hot drinks and a lot of nights in... and also for lovely berry lipstick with a hint of glow on the cheeks!
Season favourite posts will feature a whole lot of different themes and recommendations in the hopes you find something you love too! All suggestions are welcome! 

My obsession lately is to light up a candle in the evenings to add up to the cozy atmosphere in the house... it so happens one of my all time favourites is Diptyque Vanille - a warm sweet scent ideal for the time of the year! 

On my cheeks I've been rocking Tarte Dazzled - a pink blush with gold flecks that looks absolutely stunning with every single look lasting all day on my skin which is always a bonus! To add to the glow Nars Man Ray Double Take highlighter is my newest and most loved addition to the sea of highlighters I own... can't stop using it and only got compliments every time I used it!
On my nails I've been rocking the OPI Turn On The Northern Lights - a iridescent blue, purple and pink to add up to the magic!

On my bookshelf post I've featured my Astronomy books that I've been reading all season long, if you want to know more about them go read that post! 
I'm also finishing a book by Patrick Rothfuss (one of my all time favourite authors) - The Slow Regard Of Silent Things -  that is the very detailed life of Auri one of the characters from The Kingkiller Chronicles - his bestselling collection and my favourite books of all time. 
The notebook featured in the photo was a Christmas gift from a good friend - she nailed the theme and the letters are my name's initials! Such a lovely piece from Nikki Strange - definitely recommend checking out if you like some personalised stationary!

I've tried Hazelnut Hot Chocolate from Starbucks for the first time and became slightly obsessed... not to talk about the Nutella cookie... what a caloric combo! But one of the best for winter! Definitely recommend trying if you haven't already! 

I've always been into anime but this season I ended up watching the entire original series of Sailor Moon which has a total of 200 episodes and finally finished Vampire Knight!! The last with a huge plot twist which I always appreciate and adds up to a good story! I've started Yu-Gi-Oh but haven't been too consistent with it and considering it has 300+ episodes will take me a while to complete it! Suggest your favourite shows, anime series or tv programmes! 

This winter I've got quite a few exciting trips planned! I'm visiting Edinburgh for the first time in late January as well as staying in Manchester for a couple days to finally support mine and my partners football team - Manchester City FC - on a game for the Premier League! Extremely excited about that and definitely reporting back on my experience! 
We're also heading to Liverpool to watch the game against my Portuguese football team - FC Porto - on early March and the best part is my Dad is coming with us! It's a season full of football! 

A lot of amazing games have been announced for PS4 - definitely looking forward to Red Dead Redemption and finally a remaster version of Dark Souls I !!!!!! The hot game of the moment my partner's been playing is L.A. Noire that I bought him for Christmas... It's been one of my favourites to play with him - I'm the game assistant where I help him solve quests rather than use the controller myself. Assassins Creed Origins is also outstanding! We've completed 100% and are waiting for the expansions to come out. If you're into games definitely check those out! 

I always find new things I love to do, watch or use so look forward to my Spring favourites in a few months time! Let me know about your favourite things for the season and all suggestions are welcome - places to visit, books to read, shows to watch... you name it!

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