Biggest Nail Polish Haul Ever!


This happened... and it's the most nail polish I bough in a while! It all happened in at least 3 trips to Sally's but there's no excuse for such excitement over nail polish all of a sudden! 

Most of them are part of holiday collections so if you like the looks of any in particular I would run into your closest Sally or look up online and see if is still available! 

OPI's formula is super opaque and creamy, I'm really impressed with the quality of the polish even thou I only heard good things of it... it's never the same until you try it for yourself! 

  • Less Is Norse
  • Turn On The Northern Lights
  • Feel The Chemis-tree
  • Sending You Holiday Hugs
  • Krona-logical Order

Nails Inc do a lot of lovely nail polishes but I was really drawn to the top and base coats once I've been recommended them... so far so good! The 3 colour polishes I own are very particular in my collection and shades I wouldn't find anywhere else.

  • Nail Warrior
  • Pro Caviar Top Coat
  • Nail Goals
  • On The Naughty List
  • Galloping And Gallivanting

China Glaze turned out to be my most favourite brand for limited edition nail polishes! They do the holidays right! The formula is really creamy and easy to use, not as opaque as OPI in one go but two coats does the job perfectly! 

  • Throne-In Shade
  • Don't Be A Snow-Flake
  • Disco Ball Drop
  • Teal The Fever
  • The Perfect Holly-day
  • Pick Me Up Purple
  • Dawn Of A New Reign
  • New Year New Boo
  • Rock N' Royale

It is my goal to do some more nail posts, perhaps showing my manicure for the week and reviews of different formulas! Let me know what you think! 

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