7 Products for 10 Minutes


When we wake up late and have to get ready in 10 minutes the last thing we probably want is to spend all the time doing our makeup. For those, like me, who are always in a hurry I give my most used products for a quick yet good look.
Something that never fails - concealer & powder - and your face is done! Cover the blemishes & under eye circles and prevent oily skin through out the day.
For the eyes I always go for eyeliner - liquid or pencil - and of course mascara! I usually go for the volume ones but your favorite mascara goes perfectly as well. If you need to fill in your brows opt for a pencil since it's quicker to apply!
What it takes to the lips a nude will always look good no matter the season, outfit or your mood. It's easier to apply and maintain than a bold color and it looks natural for a day/work look. 
In a total of 7 products I have my makeup done and it will take less than 10 minutes for sure!

Which products you use on your quick makeup looks? :)

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