What's in my makeup bag


Makeup bags are like best friends, you know they're always there for you when you need them. Pretty strange comparison right? 
My makeup bag holds my favorite products, it would made no sense otherwise and since I carry some quick fix products with me it's pretty legitimate to say they're my beauty best friends.

On those days my hair can't look right Batiste mini dry shampoo in Blush is my savior, it has a floral scent and can actually do something for my greasy and not so voluminous hair. It's handy to carry on a bag and with a few sprays I'm ready to go.

Kiko Unlimited Stylo in 13 has been my obsession lately, I don't seem to get bored and don't even care about any other lipstick. It has a sweet smell, I would say Vanilla scent, I quite like it and it's not noticeable on the lips. The color pay off is beyond amazing and the lasting power is superb. 

As a savior for the cold days Baby Lips make their way to my makeup bag since I can't just not use lipbalm at such time of the year. I have the Peach Kiss one and it has a subtle shimmer that looks pretty nice and natural.

For the eyes I always carry my favorite eyeliner, Essence Longlasting in Black Fever. It never lets me down, it has a pretty good lasting power but if I need any retouch it is practical since I don't need to sharpen it.

To finish my look I always have a mascara. Lately I've been loving the Kiko Top Coat Curling Mascara, it holds the curl pretty well through out the day. I just carry it around in case I forget to apply mascara at home - I'm almost 100% sure it happened to you at least once. (Guilty one here).

The bag I'm using is the Zoeva Brush Clutch Small that came with the Complete Eye Set.  

I just carry essential products that I know will be useful at some point in my day, I'm not a girl of huge purses and to carry a bag full of make is just confusing and not for me. 

Which products do you have in your makeup bag? Share with me bellow :)

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