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I was definitely needing a clear out in my makeup collection! I don't consider it to be big but it definitely is more than a normal person would have. I confess, I'm addicted. It's my passion, my hobby, my future! I just love makeup!

Starting with face! I just finished Catrice All Matt Plus face powder that I absolutely loved and replaced by Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof (review here). I won't repurchase it since I've found a new love for the Waterproof powder but still if you want a good powder try this!
Kiko is and has always been one of my favorite brands, I have tried a lot of their products and I can't remember once I got disappointed! No exception for the 3D Lifting Concealer! I have it for the longest time and I love it but I don't think they sell it anymore which is a shame! Great product for under eye area, it helps brighten it up! 

What it takes to the eyes I've made a pretty huge clean! I love eyeliner, I'm a bit obsessed since it's been one of my favorite things to wear for the past years which means I have these for the longest time ever. The formula of some is not good by this time and others I just don't see me wearing anymore. 
I've got rid of 2 black eyeliners, the Essence Waterproof Liquid Ink that is dry and Avon Colortrend  in Zebra Black that I completely hate... The formula is horrible it's sheer and it breaks and flakes out which is definitely not my thing! I probably wore it 5 times if so. Can't stand it! 
Oriflame Very Me eyeliner in Blue was probably my first ever colored eyeliner having at least 3 years! Time to let go! The lovely baby blue eyeliner is actually from H&M although I love the color the formula is so sheer I can't wear it! 
The Crystal liner by Essence has been a huge favorite but the brush is completely damaged and to be honest I don't think it is good to use anymore. Last but not least the Kiko Definition eyeliner in 06 has years and years of use, the formula changed as normal for expired products and it's thick and has a odd smell. I used to love this purple liner and wear it all the time but it has to go away.

If you follow me for some time now you probably noticed I developed some kind of obsession for lipsticks but I never ever ever liked lipglosses! I only have this 2 and I'm trowing them away! The Avon Colortrend Berry Fizz lipgloss has a lovely color and it's not that sticky I just can't bear using it. The formula has also separated so it's not good for sure!
Lastly I'm going to trow away the Douglas Absolute Lipgloss my mom gave me as gift for my birthday 2 years ago. It definitely is not in good state! I used to like it but never wear it which makes me feel a bit bad since mom gave me with good intentions! If it's not good don't keep it! There's no point!

As you can see my makeup collection is definitely lighter now and have more space for new things!  

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