3 Red Lipsticks For The Holiday Season


Red lipstick is the classic shade for the festive season, whether it is a sheer red or a full on burgundy shade, you most likely will see someone at the Christmas Work Party rocking one! Having said that there's nothing like a true fiery red to add to the classy look and what better time to share 3 of my favourites, not only for the shade but also the formula!

Urban Decay - 714 | Smashbox - Bing | Estee Lauder -

As you can tell there's barely any difference in shade, however is the formula that does it differently for me. 

714 (15,50£) is a classic Urban Decay shade and for some good reason - its mega matte formula helps it stay longer than you'd think for a bullet lipstick remaining comfortable and with ease of reapplication if needed. The neutral to cool undertone helps make the teeth appear whiter which is always a bonus in my book. I'd say this is the one I'd pick for longevity. 

Bing (17,50£) by Smashbox Legendary line is a orange based red and suits anyone with a warmer complexion. It is considered a matte on their line however to me is more of a satin finish when compared to the Urban Decay. It has the same comfortable feeling to the lips and stays put fairly long but definitely requires a good lip liner to go with. I'd recommend this one if you're not too comfortable with a striking classic red and prefer something a bit more fun. 

Estee Lauder's Envious (26£) is the creamiest of them all, even thou claimed once again to be a matte finish most certainly is not on a first application. Having said that, it will become matter as the day goes by without drying the lips out. Definitely needs a good lip liner and to be blotted once applied to make it last the longest but if you're main concern is being comfortable all night long this is the one to go. Definitely one of my favourite lipsticks in my entire collection and if I had to choose probably the only red I'd keep. 

What is your favourite Red lipstick for the season?

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