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If there's a palette that's been everywhere recently it must be this one... and I can't blame anyone for doing so!
It so happens Huda Beauty dropped 4 different  mini (and I must definitely emphasise mini here) palettes for all tastes!
I personally love some warm toned shadows or very colourful but because I definitely have enough of those decided to go for the Mauve Mini Obsessions Palette - the pink toned one!

I got mine from Cult Beauty for 25£ which I thought was a very good price until I saw the size of it!
It is literally smaller than you'd think! The size of a Mac quad palette but with 9 eyeshadows inside!
I must admit thou, I'd never go through an entire eyeshadow palette as I like to rotate my makeup pretty often so it makes no difference to me, but don't be shocked by how small it is!

As you can see by the pigmentation on the swatches this one is outstanding! From past experience with the Rose Gold Palette, Huda Beauty eyeshadows tend to apply better than swatch however this time they also swatch pretty damn good!
The palette has a nice variety of pale mattes to dark mattes and a few shimmery shades which help to the versatility of it.
I had trouble applying the shimmers with a dry brush so definitely recommend wetting it or using your finger for full on pigment and glitz!
The mattes are slightly drier than I usually prefer (for reference some of my favourite mattes are Tarte and Makeup Geek) but they work well enough, generally blend easily however the darkest shades may take slightly longer to even out!
Will you get a thousand different looks from it?! No! There's only so many looks you can create with 9 shades of the same colour family, however if you're looking for a great on the go palette that offers enough versatility this is the one.
If you're not a fan of mauve colours fear not! They also have a warm and a cool toned palette!

All in all, 25£ is expensive for the size of it but the quality is there and I haven't got anything like this in my collection so totally justified (in my head at least)

Let me know if you've tried it and what your thoughts are! Also if you're looking into buying one of the Mini Obsessions Palette which one would be?!

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