Here's Why I Like Subculture!


I'm gonna start my Weekly Palette Series with the most talked about eyeshadow palette of the moment! The one and only - Subculture! And before I even start on my opinion, I want to say that everyone has different experiences, techniques with every single makeup product that there is out there. To address the drama involved, most people were probably disappointed somehow with the performance of the palette but that doesn't mean the product is bad, it means their expectations were not met. Expectations are personal and they shouldn't definite a product or brand in general. 

Either way, I'm here to express my personal and as always honest opinion on this specific product and if it met my personal expectations regarding quality/price!

Shall I just start saying why I first got it? I love the colour scheme, it's without a doubt so unique and intriguing! I also saw a couple looks before I purchased it and I fell in love with the pigmentation and the endless weird possibilities this palette would give me. So I stayed on the website for 45 minutes until I finally got it! When it arrived a lot of the drama was out and about already so I was a bit worried that I just wasted 42£! But it happens that I didn't. 

As you can see by the swatches, this is one swipe on the mattes and mettalic, 2 swipes on the duo chromes, the pigment is unbelievable! The formula is very soft, and yes it creates fall out but all of my favourite shadows do, so I'm not even going to address that as a bad thing. The pigment is superb and the only thing I noticed that threw me off a bit was when I first blended them the pigment almost disappeared, but you see how this is a technique failure? After noticing it I started packing and then blending and it works... because it is a good quality eyeshadow palette. 
Now... if you're going to say 'oh but you shouldn't have to change the way you do eyeshadow for one palette', you're being naive. Every product requires different techniques, you may not notice it if you use the same things over and over again but I work with different qualities and brands all the time, a Dior eyeshadow doesn't work with the same technique a Kat Von D does because the formulas are completely different but both are superb quality! Have I made my point here? 

I just want to address as well that this is not a beginner palette, clearly! The shade range is not everyday for most people and the pigment you're dealing with is Pro Quality! Sugarpill eyeshadows for an instant, they're super bright and pigmented but they feel dry and take longer to pack on, whereas this formula in particular packs on straight from the first touch which is more convenient for myself personally. Does it mean Sugarpill shadows are worse? No! They're just different, and require different techniques. I love them both.

I love every shade and every look I created so far with this, I'm not close to hitting pan on any of the shades and my technique varies anyway from palette to palette. Do I recommend this? It depends. If you're used to dramatic, high pigment looks yes go for it, but if you're buying it because you loved Modern Renaissance I won't say is the right reason to. I felt out of love for Modern Renaissance after a couple uses. Quality is there but there's not much variety on the shade range. The formula is different as well so there you have it, change of technique required. This is clearly something that is upsetting a lot of people so do your research, wait for it to go live in stores if you have the chance and for my UK readers, you will have to make your own decision on whether you're willing to make it work or not.

Conclusion - it has superb pigment, blends well, stays on all day, shade range is unique... and I honestly do really like it. 

Hope this review was helpful and doesn't cause any more drama, you're allowed to your opinion whether the same or different to mine, just take it with a grain of salt. It's makeup at the end of the day. Anastasia or Norvina didn't release a toxic bomb that will kill you in a month time... 

Thanks for reading, as always...

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