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I literally had to go through a storm to get this palette so once I did I was extremely happy to know I wouldn't be the only person who happens to love Kat Von D eyeshadows (crying everyday for not getting Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette) not owning this! 

The quality is the same as her other eyeshadows I've tried, pigmented and easy to blend. The shade selection is unique. I own dozens of colourful palettes didn't need any other but a pastel colourful palette is not something you find everyday. 
My favourite shade is Dope (cool tone purple) but even that yellow calls my name! I certainly agree that it should have a black shade and it would be absolutely perfect however good blacks are easy to find and I'm sure everyone has at least a couple in their collection. 

The shades translate like this onto bare skin after 2 swatches, so they're very buildable! I mainly use them as transition shades for more vibrant shadows but I sure will be creating a couple looks using only this palette. It was limited edition but hopefully you can find it on your local Debenhams if they stock Kat Von D, if not I'm sure some of the shades are easily found in other ranges like Makeup Geek or Colour Pop. 

Have you tried this palette? What do you think?

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