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Today is the first instalment of my Flash Review series which consists on a first impression of a new product, either recently launched or new to me personally. 
Starting off with the brand new Oskia City Life Cleanser (36£) that is part of a new range for Oskia. The City Life range is all about anti pollution and even thou that's a trend around skincare at the moment, I can safely say Oskia developed this formula for 6 years being one of the first brands to actually incorporate anti pollution ingredients in their skincare. 
The City Life Cleanser consists on a highly concentrated cleanser that is meant to not only get rid of any makeup but also the build up of the pollution in your skin, ideal for people who live in a city like me!
Upon my first use I noticed 2 pumps is more than enough therefore this will last you quite a while. You have to use it on damp skin and massage it in, it slightly foams up but nothing major. Its gel like texture is similar but much lighter than the original Renaissance Cleanser, so ideal for combination to oily skins.  It has a fresh scent that I quite enjoy and feels cooling on the skin. I removed it with just water (no cloth) and every bit of makeup and dirt was lifted off my skin without leaving it tight. I'm pretty impressed at how cleansed and purified my skin felt after one use only!

On a first impression I like the texture, the way it cleanses and the results, however I need to give it a few more tries until I decide if I prefer it over the original Renaissance Cleanser. I definitely recommend you trying if you have combination to oily skin and felt the Renaissance was too rich for you. 

Let me know what you think about this new series and if you've got any requests of products for me to try. 

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