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Hey everybody,

today i have a nailpolish to show you , i went to Kiko Make Up Milano recently, and for those who don't know what Kiko is i'll explain, so it's an Italy cosmetics company with affordable prices and lots of sales during the entire year, i advise you to subscribe their newsletter so that you can be aware of everything.
You can find it here , and choose your country (you can find 8 contries including UK)

This is a collection that came out a few months ago and it is on the sale section, i never saw this kind of effect in other brands so it may be pretty new to the world.

Mirror Nail Lacquer
- Mirror effect nail polish, Ultra-radiant, metallic finish
my colour is 625 (green)

I love the effect itself, but this colour i have to admit, its not my favorite, but there is a selection of 15 so it's pretty decent range of colours, mostly are blues, pinks and greens
The retail price is £4.90 and you only pay £2.50.. as you know i'm from Portugal so i pay in € , it was about 1,50€ and the retail price is about 4,90€, a discount of 69% .. pretty good i think.

(Ignore my bad painting, did it last night so its not much good)

One thing i noticed, with one layer it works well enough , its opaque and the finish is not glossy at all, so if you prefer a glossy finish i advise you to use a top coat.
I did 2 layers, i'm pretty happy with the texture, the applicator, and the duration... well i guess its fine, it has a 5 day duration in a decent way without a top coat so if you use one it may last longer than that.

In conclusion, i think its a cool effect and i had to have it on my collection, the quality is good and the price *bargain* .
I Love Kiko in general so, give it a try if you have the opportunity, it may surprise you :)


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