So i've been thinking for a while to create a new blog , where i can share my opinion about various things..
I gradueted from High School this year so next is a new adventure, some people expected me to go to College but well i'm not going , so my new big adventure will start in a kitchen, i'll explain later.. maybe not. who cares about it anyway?
As you can see in my description, i'm portuguese so that i'm not fluent in english , i may commit some mistakes (maybe i had already) please don't be mad at me i see many portuguese people killing they're own language so... i have the excuse i'm not english :)
this may be questionable ... so i'll write in english 'cause i feel its the way i can reach more people, not that i'm worried about getting billions of followers i just want people to be able to understand me.
I'm addicted to my tumblr page so you may see me there quite a lot..
My love for Goth subculture has no end and i'll share it a bit with you too ...
But the main reason to create this blog was my passion for beauty , i feel the need to share my opinion about makeup stuff .. you'll get into it as soon as i make a beauty post.

Heish i did a hell of a big introduction and i said nothing intersting, so my apologies ..
Hope you enjoy my page, feel free to share your opinions, i'll be thankful for that.

Have a nice day/night


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