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Hey everybody ,
I'll start my beauty "tag" with a review of Essence Pure Skin Products.
Essence is a German brand of low cost beauty products and it's sold in Europe and USA.
You can find Essence at Wells pharmacy in Portugal (Continente supermarkets) for other countries go to the website here.
I don't seem to find many reviews on Essence products so I though it would be helpful to someone else that is searching for something about the subject..
Essence Pure Skin is a line of products made for younger skin type mostly for acne ones. They have 4 lines: Clean, Care, Treat and Cover.

(don't mind the stained floor)

 Anti-Spot Wash Gel  (5.07fl.oz/150ml)
 Anti-Spot Toner & Powder (6.76 fl.oz/200ml)
 SOS Spot killer (0.23 fl.oz/7 ml)

First one, the wash gel it promises to fight spots and blackheads and to be gentle while a deep cleaning..
On the back it says : instantily lifts away dirt and excess oil, moisturizing ingredients leave the skin supple and smooth, used on a regular basis spots and blackheads will be reduced and it helps to prevent new skin imperfections.  
I love this wash gel it gives a feel of cleanness I never had before, its so refreshing and it removes dirt and makeup, I assure it really leaves my skin smooth and about the spots, well used along with other products it helps, but if you have a big amount of acne I advise you to see a dermatologist. 

Next step is the toner and Oh my!I love it, the smell is great but a bit strong. The product itself is really good it promises to fight spots and blackheads and it says its pore refining and mattifying. I have to agree this made my oily skin be less oily at least during the night (the time I use this products) I have friends that also use this products and love them as well.
Its a wonderful toner I used another one from essence, in a purple bottle, but I have to tell you this is billion times better, it does the job (at least for me) . I'm not going to tell you the ingredients but one you can see on the bottle is powder, this powder is meant to absolve oil, you have to shake the product so the powder can mix with the actual liquid and then you use a cotton pad to apply to your face.

Last but not least here's the SOS spot killer. Strong smell, alcohol based and white colored, its used at night before you go to sleep and its meant to be used only in spots. It comes with a brush like a nail polish and you tint your spots with the product. It will dry quickly and when you wake up in the morning may  have disappeared (at least the most of the product).
I've seen my spots gone in 3/4 days of using this, no scars no pain - amazing.

In conclusion, I'm very happy with this, it does the job very well and I recommend it if you have acne skin.
The price in Portugal rounds 3/4 € each so it's a great value for the amount of product you get and the quality.

Hope you liked my first review, ask anything you want and give me your suggestions in how I can improve my blog to be more helpful to you.

Have a wonderful week,


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