Canada Photobook | Downtown Regina | Saskatoon


Regina was the town we stayed for the most part, and where I spent all my money at Sephora! More on that to come later! 
Being it a small town and nothing like London it was good to get out and see some street art and different roads to the ones I'm used to. I can say I would not live there as I love Kingston way more. The problem in this part of Canada is that you need car to go everywhere which sucks when you don't own a license. Apart from that is a small town that has everything you need and good places to visit. 
Basically the Wascana Centre that I shared on last post is in here so you already have a good excuse to visit this part of SK.
On the weekend we've been to a closer city  - 3 hours drive away but that's their definition of close in a country where you get on a road that you just need to go straight for miles and all you see is fields with corn stover and sheep eating grass. The city in question is Saskatoon but the only pictures I have from it belongs to a park we visited, full of autumn-y leaves! I hope you enjoyed all this pictures from Canada and if you've been there recommend me a place to visit next! I'm planning on going to Vancouver next year! 

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